Webcasts or video newsletters are an excellent way of communicating with a large global audience. Exciting and compelling, they help you maintain regular contact with your customers, expanding your reach and creating new selling or educational opportunities while your audience is receptive to your message.

Bring your company and products to life with outstanding quality, highly professional video newsletters. These polished presentations help you show potential customers round your offices or factories, demonstrate your products and services in action, interview your staff and directors, film case studies, show your successes as they happen – there are literally hundreds of different things you can do with a video newsletter that you cannot do with a standard html newsletter.

A cost effective way to engage with you audience and widen your reach

The use of video in your newsletters allows you to customise your message for different segments and increase customer retention by making your message unforgettable. To protect our clients intellectual property, we have restricted each section to 1 minute of video.

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