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We are a video production company established in 2003, which has seen continuous growth year on year, despite the recession, proving that high quality video services delivered by professional and dedicated people are valuable no matter what the economic conditions.

Driven by a desire to exceed our clients' expectations, we are bursting with fresh and creative ideas translated into compelling and tailored multimedia productions. With clients nationwide and across the globe we have completed 100's of projects to date. Contrast Design has always managed to deliver the right solutions for our clients, achieving a 100% satisfaction rate. We monitor the success of every major project and ensure we are meeting our primary objective - meeting our customers’ business needs!


Our video projects are not the start and end of all things. We think communicating with our clients as partners, not just as customers, is also hugely important. This approach means we have created strong long-term business relationships and it is one of the reasons why such a high proportion of our customers return to us for future video work. We pride ourselves in being able to nourish these relationships by continuously providing support and answering any enquiries even after the end product is delivered.

We continue to serve clients from any type of industry and sector, delivering the highest level of corporate video production, virtual sales presentations, web videos, virtual tours, motion graphics and video essentials, always meeting deadlines without stretching the clients’ budgets.

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