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Training films

Nothing beats face-to-face training, however in today’s global, post-pandemic world this is often not possible, let alone cost effective. Training through video, however, is very cost effective, scalable, and can reach a global audience. Contrast Design has produced training films for subjects as varied as staff inductions on super yacht, to technical maintenance content for engineers.

Sometimes training films are not enough, especially when additional compliance and engagement is required. No problem. We can add further power by using our own technology in the form of Remote Video Training, or RTV. This offers the best of both worlds – the cost effectiveness and reach of a training film, plus engagement and compliance levels close to face-to-face training.

Dramatic cost savings

One of our clients needed to rapidly train their national workforce, whilst ensuring a high degree of compliance. We were asked to investigate and reduce the substantial cost of undertaking regular training days throughout the UK. With the help of our RTV App, we produced a training video library to help manage each and every staff member. The result cut costs and allowed for the redeployment of one senior member of staff.

Restrictive travel

Weir Minerals Group has 13,000 employees around the world. Its technicians need to receive continual and consistent training in the installation of machine components. Bringing them together in centralised locations for training, or sending instructors to work with them would represent a huge cost to the business. We worked closely with company experts to understand the relevant installation processes, and then presented them with fifty films. The result was a massive saving in the number of staff travelling, whilst ensuring business continuity, without the ongoing threat of restrictive travel.

Training your customers

Well informed customers and stakeholders can help reduce support calls. They can also improve your brand’s reputation. We’ve created a number of training films for products and services that can be shared socially, and on a case-by-case basis. This type of training film also helps with the sales process – the viewer is presented with simplicity of use and can self-serve their own Q & A’s

Sensitive situations

It’s not always easy to recreate a situation for training purposes. If, for example, actors or hard to reach staff like a CEO are required, or if a location is not easily accessible and special equipment is required, video can be hugely beneficial.

Make it fun

Most training films are dull and boring and trainees dread watching them. Presentations with endless graphs and a droning voiceover, leave the audience with glassy stares and throbbing headaches. Although there are hundreds of bad training examples out there, our creatively produced films are designed to be just as enjoyable as a TV show or movie.

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