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3D visualisation and animation

If you have a difficult-to-film product or scenario that needs bringing to life we can help by providing a 3D animated presentation. It may be your product is in the medical field and you need to show how a drug reacts at a cellular level inside the body, or you may require a three-dimensional visualisation of your factory floor.

Our team of 3D modellers and animators are able to portray extremely complex subjects and present your product, or service, in a clear, concise and entertaining way. The 3D service could be part of a larger multimedia project, or just a simple render for the front page of a catalogue, or even an interactive product configurator. Talk to our team today about the endless possibilities.

Our experience

The Contrast Design team have created 3-D visualisations for offshore vessels to help secure long-term charters before vessel construction. They’ve also produced animations that explain the complex workings of global analytical instrumentation manufacturing and show how advanced fuel systems keep aircraft in the air – there is very little in the animation and effects field that we’ve not done. High quality, realistic rendering is a given, but how it’s put to good use in your communications is where you’ll find the ‘Contrast’ difference.

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