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Aerial Filming

We use state of the art radio-controlled, multi-rotor flying equipment to capture unique shots that traditional methods are unable to do. We can legally fly to heights of 400 feet, using our GPS-assisted Hexacopter, or Quadcopter UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). We hold all relevant civil aviation permissions and drone pilot qualifications for day and night flying. Our multi-rotor camera platforms have massive advantages compared to remote-controlled helicopters.

A multi-rotor system ensures a substantially more stable camera platform, so that better quality footage can be captured even in windy conditions. Combine this with the fitted GPS safety devices and you can rest assured that we will obtain the images or video you require safely and efficiently. Our aerial photography systems have many uses, and also provide stunning images, or video footage from ground level.


The use of aerial footage is an excellent way of making your video stand out from the crowd. Shooting at height adds a powerful and unique dimension, and is a great way to engage your customers and attract more business.

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