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2D animation and cartoons

Although you might think cartoon animations are just entertainment for kids, we know better. An animated cartoon presentation can liven up the often dry and serious-minded corporate world of communication. If you make your presentation fun, chances are your message will be watched, shared and, most importantly, remembered.


Our animators love nothing better than to bring your message to life, but they never forget that the focus of their efforts is to make your brand the ‘super-hero’. It could be a case of using animation to bring to life existing video footage to enhance your message and focus the mind, or maybe it’s just to make a dry subject more entertaining and compelling.

Cartoons are cool

Very often the best way to effectively present your concept is to use cartoons. It’s been shown that they not only entertain and retain an audience’s attention, but also stay in the viewer’s mind and are talked about for some time after. And, if your audience is a global one, cartoons can be translated into other languages very easily.

A picture is worth a thousand words

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is great animation worth? We think a million. The value of animation and clever typography should never be underestimated. Our team understand this and delivers animated presentations that sing (and dance). Your company’s brand messages are greatly enhanced by the use of animation and the visual language that supports them. It’s fun, appealing and exciting, so why not let us turn your presentations from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Infographics grab the viewer’s attention

Did you know that the average attention span for men and women is around eight seconds, compared to a goldfish at nine? We didn’t either, but this is according to a Time Magazine article, so who are we to argue. We also have reliable information that the use of infographics helps to lengthen anyone and everyone’s attention span.

By using infographics in your key messages, you make them visually appealing and more memorable. Infographics take information which could otherwise have been overlooked and turn it into something that grabs the attention of viewers. It’s a great way to attract the interest of your customers and generate new business. Need we say more?

Passion conquers all

Whether it’s 2D animation, an engaging cartoon, or an attention-grabbing infographic, it’s the passion of our creative team that makes the magic happen. From initial brief to the nitty-gritty of the design and production process, the Contrast team will turn your project into a spectacular one.

Medical and pharmaceutical

2D animation and cartoons are fantastic for medical and pharmaceutical communications. If the subject is a sensitive medical condition, an unpleasant medical procedure, or a piece of complicated medical equipment, a cartoon can be good way to communicate this without upsetting your audience. Talk to our team of expert cartoonists and let them create your next video.

How we work with our clients

Once we understand the message you need to convey, we then produce a storyboard and/or a working script. Once our ideas are approved, we create a finished piece of animation – around 10% of the project – and, subject to your approval, then move on to complete the job. This process helps to ensure there are no surprises and that you are completely satisfied with the end result.

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