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App Development

There is an app for that

We built our first app for Android back in 2010 for a Solar energy company. Having been asked if we could build a calculator to work out solar energy savings for their customers, we put our heads together and came up with an app that replaced the company’s entire sales and estimation process.

This app allows sales staff to use Google Earth to measure the area of a customer’s roof, then calculate the number of solar panels required and the energy they would create.

In addition, the app also calculates the cost of installation and how long a return on the customer’s investment would take. These details are then sent back to head office and entered into the company’s CRM.

We’ve designed and built numerous apps for many different platforms and all of these can have a huge effect on a company’s productivity. For more info talk to our team today.

Understanding your brief

To understand exactly what you want, we need to spend some time with you. Once we get where you’re coming from, our designers then start to develop and build your app.

Design and wire-framing

Our designers and developers are great at pulling together all the information needed about the app you require. They start designing the initial wire-frames that form the basic structure and functions. They then show you how the app will look and get your feedback.


Once the platform architecture and look and feel of the app is complete, the full build gets underway. This involves implementing the design, functionality, and systems integration.


To deliver a quality end-product that you’re completely satisfied with, the app is subjected to the most thorough testing by our team, conducted using manual and automated tools. We’re only happy when you’re happy.

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