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Documentaries move people

A lot of what we know or believe in has been gleaned from our teachers, the books we read, or even a seminar, workshop or lecture we’ve attended. Another powerful tool that helps us share information with an audience in an impactful way is a documentary film. This type of film is one of the most successful ways to impart factual information, whilst at the same time engaging the viewer and moving them emotionally.

Emotional intelligence

Documentaries work best when they communicate on an intellectual and emotional level. Tapping into a viewer’s emotional intelligence can have a profound and lasting effect.

Story tellers

As professional story tellers, Contrast Design creates documentary films that produce genuine human interest, and this goes a long way towards building lasting customer relationships. A documentary film of the kind we produce not only allows your company to gain trust from your audience, but also helps to demonstrate complete sincerity.

Make it human

A documentary is a highly visual way to investigate and reveal human interest stories. By using a narrator and carefully selected music and effects, we’re able to reinforce the storyline and produce an emotional and intellectual experience.

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