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The importance of internal and external communications

Webcasts are not new, however, in many cases, they are under used. Essentially, webcasting is ‘broadcasting’ over the Internet. It’s no secret that very few companies take the time to properly invest in a strategic approach to their internal and external communications. Utilising the full power of webcasting is one of the best ways to create clear and lasting messages.

Nurture employee and stakeholder

It’s important to nurture employee and stakeholder relationships, and with many people now working remotely, keeping people engaged should be a priority. This makes good financial sense, ensures the mental wellbeing of employees, and strengthens relationships with suppliers and customers.

Measure your engagement

Your webcasts can be used for product launches, education, news updates, financial reports, and so on. The best thing about webcasts is that they can be effectively and accurately measured. Viewer numbers and average time watched can be gauged and you are even able to engage with your audience in real-time.

Stream to any platform

We can stream on almost any platform, either live or on demand. Our technology stack can scale from just one stream to over one million concurrent views.

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